We are a 360 degree IT service agency purely powered by technology and a great team of techy-pro people to assist and empower businesses by plugging your goals with the right technology and strategy. We can plan your product, design a code, set up an IT infrastructure, staff the right source for your plan, or simply brainstorm a technologically viable idea; whatever your vision may be, we're here to make it happen.

We work out of Grand Island, NewYork, with a team of pre-qualified coders, designers, product strategists, and digital marketers to provide an array of services that include Application Development, IT Staffing, Digital Marketing, Product Strategy, Cloud Computing, Quality Software Testing, DevOps and so much more.

Why us ?

We enhance your odds of product success

international standards

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Meets ISO 9001 standards


reduced costs

US project mgmt & global IT talent


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work occurs in two time zones