Introducing Doohikki.com, a web marketplace for advertisers to buy personalized sign ads in minutes and sign owners to sell their unsold ad space. Advertisers chose signs from multiple networks with desired demographics, design or upload ads and launch campaigns with no minimum spending. On the other end, sign owners plug Doohikki box to their existing signs which connect it to the marketplace. The box leverages vision analytics to targets sign ads by advertiser demographics like age and gender in real-time. Doohikki.com offers accessibility and audience targeting for advertisers plus reachability and profitability for sign owners.


Grand Island, USA

Services / Tech

Web Design & Development
Doohikki mockups image

“Clean and simple”

That was the brief we got. Eager to show our creativity to a big brand we where absolutely happy at how much ideas we could think up in a short spam of time.